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Gen. 21:28-31 gives not one but two perfectly reasonable explanations for 
the name Beer-Sheva, both based on the meaning(s) of the word Sheva ( 
$eba( ). While both reasons could be and very likely are etiological, what 
reason could you have to propose a third meaning, for which you have to 
assume that "sheva" is "really" "shefa". Even if (and that's a big "IF") 
there is some connection between the words $B( "oath" or "seven" and $P( 
"plenty" (and how about "decline"?), this does not mean that every time 
someone says "seven", he really means "plenty".

Yigal Levin

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> Jim,
> Indeed, biblical geography is uncertain because of the generic nature
> of the biblical place names. Every significant place of worship could
> be QADE$ [AL-QUDS]. It appears to me that Beersheba is BEER-$EBA(,
> with $EBA( meaning 'plentiful, abundant', as $EPA( of Deuteronomy
> 33:19 is. Possibly other plentiful wells supplying generously were so
> called.
> Isaac Fried, Boston University

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