[b-hebrew] Qamats or patah?

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Fri Nov 30 01:49:01 EST 2007

> On Nov 29, 2007 8:50 AM,  Pere Porta wrote:
>> I compare the word HBY)TNY in 2Sa 7:18 with the word HBY)TNW in Nm 16:14 
>> and
>> I wonder why the first has patah under taw while the latter has qamats
>> instead.

[Y. Sapir]
> Look also at Ps 66:11.  As it turns out, Num 16:14 is possibly a
> pausal form.  Normally,
> pausal forms occur at more major pauses (etnax/ta, silluq), but there
> are in fact several
> degrees of pauses, and sometimes pausal forms occur in any case which 
> suggests a
> different original division of the verse.  When two suffixes are added
> -- in this case -ta and
> -nu: or -ta and -ni:, the word becomes extremely long.  havi?o +
> -tanu: or -tani:.  It seems


Thank you, Yitzhak. Your explanation is a technical one. But at least I see 
the difference in vowels is not a scribal mistake...

Thank you, David Kummerow, as well for your replaying!

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain)

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