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Kenneth wrote (to Yitzhak):-

>You said that Jim should publish his ideas in a scholarly journal instead
>of putting his ideas on B-Hebrew. You know very well that that is
>impossible for amateur Bible "researchers" or whatever they are called.
>Only highly educated experts would even know how to write an article for
>a scholarly journal.

I agree with Yitzhak on this point. Its not impossible. Most journals
have very clear instructions to authors on how to prepare their papers.
Although I am an amateur I've had six papers published in
peer-reviewed journals. Sure, they were bottom tier journals but
each paper went through the process and ended up in print.

Jim would be far better to look at what journals are available
in his subject area, I'm not sure if its history or language, but
he can decide. Read the guidelines, read the published papers of
the journal, then set about writing out a coherent paper on his
views. If he presented his ideas in the manner they've been presented
here I'm sure he would get a desk rejection, i.e. the editor
wouldn't even bother to send it out to a referee. He needs to
cut out completely his repeated claims that everyone elses'
views are non-sensical, stop disparaging those he disagrees with
and engage with the literature in his field in a constructive

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