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Jim Stinehart wrote:
> Yitzhak Sapir:
> You say that 'sahaduta' is an Aramaic word, and that -uta is a  
> nice, good Aramaic ending.
> I am having trouble confirming that on The Complete Aramaic Lexicon  
> site that you referenced.
> 1.? When I type in 'sahaduta', it says there is no such Aramaic word.
> 2.? When I look at the Old Aramaic texts, I do not seem to see any - 
> uta endings.
> 3.? What does -uta mean as an ending in Aramaic?
> 4.? Could you list several Aramaic words that end with -uta?
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'sahaduta' is most definitely listed in the CAL, which may not be  
complete but is indeed comprehensive:

shdw, shdwtʾ (sāhdū, sāhdūṯā) n.f. testimony

   1 testimony BA, Jud, Syr, JBA. --(a) as a textual witness of the  
OT in the NT Syr.
   2 martyrdom Syr.
   3 pl. evidence of virginity Gal.
   4 proclamation Sam.
   5 the tablets (or ark) of the covenant Sam.
   6 warning Sam.
    LS2: 461. DJPA: 570b. Tal Sam: 571f.

The CAL is not entirely straightforward to use. First, you must use  
the CAL coding system, which is slightly different then the B-Hebrew  
system, but is listed on the bottom of the lemma search page. Second,  
as Yitzhak mentioned you cannot search on 'sahaduta' (the determined  
state) but must enter shdw as this is the lemma listed. For the  
future you can make use of the wildcard search and enter shd% to get  
all words related to the root shd.

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