[b-hebrew] Genesis 31: 47: What Foreign Language Is That?

George Athas george.athas at moore.edu.au
Mon Nov 26 03:30:58 EST 2007

Hi Isaac!

Firstly, I appreciate your contrition - that's very decent of you.
Thank you. Now, let's move on.

Secondly, the particle -UT is never seen on its own. It's not an
independent particle (just as -ism or -tion are not independent). If
you're looking for its independent value, you'll never actually see it
'in the wild'. It only comes packaged with nouns. Yet, it does have an
intrinsic value of its own, which is it lends the noun it attaches to
an abstract quality, thus turning it into an abstract noun. So, it is
not a meaningless syllable, but a purposeful syllable. It's just not
something you can observe independent of a noun.


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