[b-hebrew] Genesis 31: 47: What Foreign Language Is That?

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On 23 Nov 2007 at 19:55, jimstinehart at aol.com wrote:

> Yitzhak Sapir:
> You say that 'sahaduta' is an Aramaic word, and that -uta is a nice, good Aramaic ending.
> I am having trouble confirming that on The Complete Aramaic Lexicon site that you referenced.
> 1.? When I type in 'sahaduta', it says there is no such Aramaic word.
> 2.? When I look at the Old Aramaic texts, I do not seem to see any -uta endings.
> 3.? What does -uta mean as an ending in Aramaic?
> 4.? Could you list several Aramaic words that end with -uta?

The -a ending is the Aramaic definite article.  Try searching without it.

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