[b-hebrew] Genesis 31:47

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 22 14:17:54 EST 2007

You said that Jim should publish his ideas in a scholarly journal instead of putting his ideas on B-Hebrew. You know very well that that is impossible for amateur Bible "researchers" or whatever they are called. Only highly educated experts would even know how to write an article for a scholarly journal.
B-Hebrew is probably the only place for amateurs to try out their ideas. I don't know of any other possible way for him or anyone else like him to test out their ideas.
The problem is that all people have ideas, and not just experts. When average people have ideas, they can either ignore them or they can ask people who know more what they think of their ideas. People have ideas in every subject in life, and not just their specialty. They don't always try to tell everyone, but what exactly is B-Hebrew for? 
Kenneth Greifer
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