[b-hebrew] Psalm 45:9

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Tue Nov 20 17:24:13 EST 2007

B-Haverim --
I see that several commentaries and some translations suggest that  מני in 
Psalm 45:9 is a contraction of מנים, "strings," which is a reference  to 
stringed instruments in Psalm 150:4.
There are, however, some who take מני simply to be from מן, as a  
duplication of the מן at the beginning of the line (as in Isa. 59:18, where the  
particle is repeated for emphasis: "according to their deeds, according to  [them] 
will he repay"), so that the sense here is "From palaces of ivory,  from 
[them] they have made you glad."
It seems that many modern commentaries go with the former and it does seem  
to make sense ("From palaces of ivory stringed instruments have made you 
glad"),  but ... is there any other passage where מניappears as a contraction of  
מנים?  I suspect not.  Are such contractions, dropping the ם at the  end of 
a plural, common?  Common enough that this is likely here in Psalm  45?
And what about the repetition of the particle?  Sure it happens in  Isa. 
59:18, but ... does it happen elsewhere?  Again: Is it common enough  to make it 
likely here in Psalm 45?
Thanks for your help!

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