[b-hebrew] Genesis 31: 47: What Foreign Language Is That?

JimStinehart at aol.com JimStinehart at aol.com
Mon Nov 19 09:03:15 EST 2007

Yigal Levin wrote:  “The  various books of the Bible are written in the 
language of their 
intended  audience, with occasional reference to someone, usually a 
non-Israelite,  speaking strangely or in a foreign language, such as Laban's 
"yegar  sahaduta"….” 
What language is “yegar sahaduta” at Genesis 31: 47? 
Is it Hurrian?  Is it  Aramaic?  Are these Hurrian words  written in Aramaic? 
 Or is this  classic Aramaic, with no Hurrian influence?  Other possibilities 
might be Hittite,  Assyrian, or Akkadian.  Or are these  made up words, not 
from an actual foreign language?  These words clearly are intended to be  
non-Hebrew words. 
Any help anyone could give me on this would be greatly  appreciated. 
Jim Stinehart

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