[b-hebrew] feast for ears? Psalm 40:7

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 17 21:03:08 EST 2007

I thought Psalm 40:7 could say "a sacrifice and a gift offering You did not desire, ears You gave a feast (You prepared) for me, a burnt offering and a sin offering You did not ask," but I was told several reasons why this is wrong. I did not realize that Psalm 40:3 is translated as saying that G-d lifted David from a pit of destruction, but it could be from a pit of noise.
Maybe instead of G-d being given food as sacrifices, the ears of the people in the great congregation got a feast.
Psalm 40:7, 10-11 could say that David gave G-d praise instead of sacrifices like Psalm 51:16-18 also says.
Maybe a pit of noise and ears are connected in some way. Of course, some of the other explanations about ears being opened could fit with the quote about David being lifted out of a pit of noise.
Kenneth Greifer
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