[b-hebrew] feast for the ears? Psalm 40:7

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Hey Kenneth, I would stick to the traditional reading of this one.  It would appear to me 'digging' of the ears may represent some sort of idiom which means to make a point clear to the listener.  So it is almost as if he is saying "sacrifices you do not desire, you have made that clear to me, burnt offering and sin offerings you did not ask for."

The LXX seems to agree with this idea with WTIA DE KATHRTISW MOI
Kelton Graham 
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> Maybe Psalm 40:7 says "a sacrifice You did not desire, ears You gave a feast 
> for me, a burnt offering and a sin offering You did not desire." 
> Could this be like the saying "a feast for the eyes" when something looks nice? 
> Maybe King David spoke about how great G-d was in Psalm 40:10-11, so he gave the 
> people a feast for their ears. 
> The verb kaf resh hay is usually translated as dig, but it is also translated as 
> to give a feast once or twice (?). 
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