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Sorry about the not signing of the post, but it does have some evident 
connection with biblical Hebrew. It the first time mentioned in the bible 
referring to God with the Hebrew name YHWH or Yahweh. Studies believe that 
the name Yahweh came from the Midianites. In Exodus 2-3,  when Moses flew 
for slaying the Egyptian he went to Midian (Hebrew: מִדְיָן) and stayed 
for 40 years, took his wife Zipporah, the daughter of a Midian priest and 
learned of the Hebrew God where God first told Moses His name. Also, 
Midian is said to be the son of Abraham, a founding patriarch of the 
Israelites, Ishamelites and Edomite peoples.

Angel Middleton
Spartanburg, SC

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Re: [b-hebrew] Midianites

                 Interesting question, but (1) you need to sign your 
posts, and (2)
the question needs to have some evident connection with biblical Hebrew.

Gary Hedrick
San Antonio, Texas USA

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Subject: [b-hebrew] Midianites

Have you heard of people claiming to be Midianites today? I met a person 
who said that they were a Midianite, and I'm trying to get informed on the 

different religions around today.

Do anyone know of their beliefs and their worship in this present time???

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