[b-hebrew] Dan (was: Where Was Jacob's Ladder)

Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il
Sun Nov 11 21:38:33 EST 2007

 Dear Karl,
 You wrote:
> Thanks to George Athas, he has more information than I presently do here.

The "sea peoples" group called the Danannoi, probably of Aegean origin, are 
hardly proof that there were other places called "Dan" in the 
Semitic-speaking world, which is what you claimed. As I wrote before, I know 
of none, and you still have not produced any.

> Unless the kings did not travel the main route to Damascus, they would
> have travelled to the east of the Sea of Galilee to avoid the
> mountainous areas. The later tribal area was in the mountainous area.

I assume that you've looked at a map. East of the sea of Galille is what we 
now call the Golan Hights and Mount Hermon, much more mountainous than the 
Galillee to the west. The Jordan Valley, right past Dan, is the only logical 

>> The rest of your claim rests upon the assumption that Genesis was written 
>> by
>> "one of Abraham's sons, and the audience Jacob and his sons".
> Please be more careful, that is not what I wrote.
Yes it is. That's why it's in quote marks. I copied it right from your 
previous post. If it's not what you intended, then please clarify.

> Did you read what I wrote, not only in the last message, but in
> earlier ones as well?

Yes I did, but again, please clarify.

Yigal Levin 

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