[b-hebrew] Dan (was: Where Was Jacob's Ladder)

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>> The first reference I heard of a "Dan" outside of the Bible
>> to a kingdom in what is now southern Turkey, along the coast, that
>> named Dan. That kingdom was overthrown between 1300-1100 BC. I came
>> across a couple of other mentioned places, but did not follow up on
>> them.
> I've been studying the history of the ANE for 20 years and have
> heard of such a place.


The reference is not to a place in what is now southern Turkey, but
rather to a people group. They have been variously called DANOI,
DANAOI, or DANAANOI (or other close variants). Sometimes they are
associated with the Sea Peoples and there is one theory that the
Danites were these people arrived in the Levant. They may be mentioned
in the Phoenician inscription of Kilamuwa from Zencirli, Turkey
(ancient Sam'al/Ya'di). They are probably mentioned in Homer's Iliad.


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