[b-hebrew] Where Is Jacob's Ladder?

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Sat Nov 10 12:13:47 EST 2007


On 10 Nov 2007 at 5:35, K Randolph wrote:

> > > Here I think you overemphasize the importance of the definite article. I think its position here is more to fulfill the expectations of grammar than to change meaning.
> >
> > Not sure I follow.  Could you elaborate a little?
> >
> If you remember, we had a discussion on this in June of this year,
> detailing many places where Biblical Hebrew takes the definite article
> where English takes an indefinite article. In that place it started
> with the use of the definite article in Isaiah 7:14. Other verses were
> mentioned as well.

I do remember that discussion.  I just wasn't sure what you meant by "more to fulfill the 
expectations of grammar than to change meaning."  Are you speaking strictly of Hebrew, or 
of the rendering into English?  I was hoping you'd expand a little on the part about 
"expectations of grammar."  I don't remember that much about the June discussion, and 
since I have a day of scuba diving planned, I don't have time to look it up ;-)

Dave Washburn
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