[b-hebrew] Where Is Jacob's Ladder?

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Fri Nov 9 12:59:27 EST 2007

On 9 Nov 2007 at 9:57, JimStinehart at aol.com wrote:

> Yigal  Levin: 
> 1.  You wrote:  "I agree that the  story looks like it's talking about 
> Jacob's first night 
> of his  journey...." 
> Thank you so very, very much for that.  That issue was the primary reason I  
> started this thread.  I myself see  that as primarily being an issue of 
> Biblical Hebrew grammar and word usage, and  as such as being a proper topic for 
> this fine b-Hebrew list.  I am delighted that an expert in  Biblical Hebrew like 
> you is reading Genesis 28: 10-11 the same way that I read  it. 
> Based on the two fine posts by Dave Washburn  on this thread, it appears that 
> the main basis for taking a contrary view would  be if one places reliance on 
> the medieval Masoretic pointing system.  Since my entire theory of the case 
> is  that the Patriarchal narratives are a truly ancient document, naturally I 
> give  little credence to the medieval Masoretic pointing system in interpreting 
> the  Patriarchal narratives. 

Here we go again; I did not say this.  I mentioned that the Masoretic pointing was somewhat 
at odds with your translation, nothing more.  I also pointed out that, with or without the 
pointing, the grammar of the clause supports the translation "a certain place" which you 
reject.  Hence, your view is at odds with the actual grammar of the passage.  NOTHING is 
based on "reliance on the medieval Masoretic pointing system."  It's based on grammar, 
nothing more, nothing less.

Dave Washburn
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