[b-hebrew] Where is Jacob's ladder?

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Fri Nov 9 11:07:52 EST 2007


I think Genesis 12 can say Bethel instead of Luz because Moses wrote it down 
hundreds of years later, when the name was already called Bethel. Why would 
the Torah have to call places by their original names when telling about 
things that happened in those places before the names were changed?

Also, I am just curious about how many more controversial new ideas you 
have. If you have many more, I think you should put them together in a book, 
and make them available at Lulu.com or some site like that. Also, you could 
just put them together in a web site, and just ask people to look at your 
site, so they can see them all at once.

Lots of people have unusual ideas, but if you keep telling people them, 
eventually they will probably just ignore you. I have many of my own unusual 
ideas, and I put them on a web site. I think it is much more convenient for 
people who are interested in your ideas. In my case, that would be nobody, 
but me.

I am not trying to put down your ideas. I am just saying I think it would be 
easier for people to consider your ideas if they were all in one convenient 

Kenneth Greifer

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