[b-hebrew] David "expelling" a soul in the New Testament?

Søren Holst sh at teol.ku.dk
Fri Nov 9 03:39:36 EST 2007

Dear listers
Somewhat off-topic, I'm mainly hoping someone will tell me the correct place to ask the question:
A colleague is working on a 13-14th century CE manuscript of a Danish Bible translation which is mostly just a straight rendering of the Vulgate, but has occasional additions.
One tells of an instant, where the soul of a dying, pious man refuses to leave the body, and "it's (the soul's) angel" has to fetch king David with his musical instrument to persuade the soul.
The instance is reported as a note to 1 Sam 16,23 (David driving the eveil spirit away from Saul) in the manuscript.
There is bound to be a source for this information, be it an apocryphal gospel or an independent legend or whatever. But where???
any suggestions highly appreciated
kol tuv

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