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Dear colleagues (please excuse cross-posting)

The Theological Seminary of the /Adventist International Institute of 
Advanced Studies/ is proud to announce the publication of the first 
issue of volume 10 of the /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/ (ISSN 
1908--4862), formerly /Asia Adventist Seminary Studies/ (ISSN 
0119--8432). The issue contains an engaging mix of biblical, historical, 
and theological research from international scholars as well as a number 
of helpful critical book reviews. We encourage interested scholars and 
institutions to subscribe either directly or via EBSCO. The second issue 
of volume 10 should appear before the end of 2007, thus bringing the 
volume count of the journal up to date.

For editorial queries, submissions or subscription requests please contact

           Editor /Journal of Asia Adventist Seminary/
           P.O.Box 038
           Silang, Cavite 4118

Or electronically:

/           editor.jaas at aiias.edu/ (Gerald A. Klingbeil, editor)
/           assoc.ed.jaas at aiias.edu /(Clinton Wahlen, associate editor)
/           review.jaas at aiias.edu/ (Michael Sokupa, book review editor)
/           subscription.jaas at aiias.edu/ (Emmer Chacon, Subscription 
/           periodacq at aiias.edu /(Diana Park, Journal Exchanges)

The Table of Contents for /JAAS/ 10.1 (2007) includes the following:

Jason S. DeRouchie (1--13)
"Deuteronomy as Didactic Poetry? A Critique of D. L. Christensen's View"

Richard A. Sabuin (15--25)
"The Growing of Christ: Understanding Luke 2:40, 52 in the Light of the 
Structural Pattern of Luke--Acts"
Ekkehardt Müller (27--50)
"The Beast of Revelation 17: A Suggestion (Part I)"
Ricardo A. González (51--79)
"British Roots in American Millennialism: Edward Irving and the 
Millerite Movement"
Aecio E. Cairus (81--85)
"Sabbathkeeping among Christians in India: A Brief Note"
AIIAS Theological Seminary Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts (87--89)
Critical Book Reviews (91--105)
/Christ in the Letters of Paul: In Place of a Christology/, by Hendrikus 
Boers. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2006. Reviewed by Michael Sokupa (91--94)
Preaching with All You've Got: Embodying the Word/, by David Day. 
Peabody: Hendrickson, 2005. Reviewed by Kenneth D. Mulzac (94--96)
Who Were the Early Israelites and Where Did They Come From?/, by William 
G. Dever. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2003. Reviewed by Simon Bwambale (96--99)
A Commentary on the Apocalypse of John/, by Edmondo F. Lupieri. Grand 
Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006. Reviewed by Richard A. Sabuin (99--102)
Die Macht des Namens: Altorientalische Strategien zur Selbsterhaltung/, 
by Karen Radner. SANTAG Arbeiten und Untersuchungen zur 
Keilschriftkunde. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2005. Reviewed by Gerald A. 
Klingbeil (102--105)
Subscription rates are as follows:
International Annual Subscription
           Individual:            US$30.00
           Institutional:        US$45.00
Local (Philippines) Annual Subscription
           Individual:            PhP500.00
           Institutional:        PhP750.00

JAAS International Review Board Members

/David W. Baker /(Ashland Theological Seminary, usa) --- /Erich 
Baumgartner/ (Andrews University, usa) --- /Peter van Bemmelen/ (Andrews 
University, usa) --- /Fernando L. Canale/ (Andrews University, usa) --- 
/JoAnn Davidson/ (Andrews University, usa) --- /Richard M. Davidson/ 
(Andrews University, usa) --- /Jon Dybdahl/ (Andrews University, usa) 
--- /Craig A. Evans/ (Acadia Divinity College, Canada) --- /Daniel E. 
Fleming/ (New York University, usa) --- /J. H. Denis Fortín/ (Andrews 
University, usa) --- /Mary Getui/ (Kenyatta University, Kenya) --- 
/Frank M. Hasel/ (Bogenhofen Seminary, Austria) --- /Michael G. Hasel/ 
(Southern Adventist University, usa) --- /Daniel Heinz/ (Friedensau 
Theologische Hochschule, Germany) --- /Richard S. Hess/ (Denver 
Seminary, usa) --- /Othmar Keel/ (Fribourg University, Switzerland) --- 
/Martin G. Klingbeil/ (Helderberg College, South Africa) --- /Jens Bruun 
Kofoed/ (Copenhagen Lutheran School of Theology, Denmark) --- /Wagner 
Kuhn/ (Institute of World Mission, usa) --- /Carlos Martín/ (Southern 
Adventist University, usa) --- /John K. McVay/ (Walla Walla College, 
usa) --- /Cynthia L. Miller/ (University of Wisconsin, usa) --- 
/Ekkehardt Müller/ (Biblical Research Institute, usa) --- /Roberto 
Pereyra/ (Universidad Peruana Unión, Peru) --- /Gerhard Pfandl/ 
(Biblical Research Institute, usa) --- /Stanley E. Porter/ (McMaster 
Divinity College, Canada) --- /Martin Pröbstle/ (Seminar Schloss 
Bogenhofen, Austria) --- /Nestor C. Rilloma/ (Central Philippines 
Adventist College, Philippines) --- /Ángel M. Rodríguez/ (Biblical 
Research Institute, usa) --- /Kenton L. Sparks/ (Eastern University, 
usa) --- /Peter van der Veen/ (Universität Mainz, Germany/Verlag Wort 
und Wissen, Germany) --- /J. Dudley Woodberry/ (Fuller Theological 
Seminary, usa) --- /Randall W. Younker/ (Andrews University, usa)


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