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This is a  message concerning only your last remark: my messages are  
always signed by my full name, with the address of my work, etc. It  
just was at the end of my message.

I will try to answer you in full in the days to come: we have short  
vocations here in France.

> Dear Edward,
> Without getting into your theory, which I have not studied enough to agree
> or disagree with, I wish to comment on the following paragraph of your post:
>> (4) The identification of letters of the Hebrew alphabet with numbers
>> is very old, going back to pre-Davidic period: just look at the series
>> of David's psalms which are alphabetic acrostics; by the way, the word
>> "acrostic" being of Greek origins, it does not mean that the Greeks
>> invented this poetical genre.
>> Thanks a lot,
>> Edward
> 1. While the basic order of the letters (with some variations) seems to go
> back to the very origins of the alphabet, way back in Middle Bronze Age
> Canaan (or maybe Canaanites in Egypt), the actual assignment of numbers for
> each letter (what became known as "gematria" in Jewish circles) is not
> attested in pre-Hellenistic times and seems to have been borrowed from
> Greek. The fact that various Psalm and other biblical passages were written
> as acrostics has nothing to do with the assignment of numbers.
> 2. Most modern scholars would argue that many of "David's Psalms" are
> actually pseudoepigraphic, but I'm not going to get into a debate on the
> issue.
> 3. Please sign your posts with your full name.
> Yigal Levin
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