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[Pere Porta]
>> I'm not able to make a good answer to your reasoning below. By saying 
>> that
>> from a gramatical point of view MWOLEDET (*)  means "female who causes to
>> bring forth" I wanted only to help, to cast some light hereon.
>> In a neutral viewing, "MWOLEDET = female who causes to bring forth" can
>> refer either to past times (ancestors) or to future times (descendants). 
>> But
>> my feeling is that in biblical writings which you are telling on (Joseph 
>> and
>> his brothers, etc.) it clearly points out to the past. "Relatives, 
>> kindred,
>> (family?), offspring" are, in my opinion, good words for MWOLEDET.
>> Sorry for not being able to do more for you.
>> (*) remark: MWO, not MOW

> 1) There is no such thing as "mow" or "mwo" in Biblical Hebrew.  The use 
> of
> a waw with the vowel [o:] represents [o:], not a combination.  Writing
> out [o(:)w]
> means that the vocalization would have a holam on the preceding consonant
> followed by a waw with a schewa underneath.  Writing out [wo:] would mean 
> the
> waw would have a holam and the preceding consonant would have a schewa!

are you sure of what you say? No "mwo" in biblical Hebrew? Look at 1Sa 20:36 
or Gen 12:6 (MWOREH), at Pro 28:13 (WMWODEH), both coming from roots 
peh"yod. Similarly Rt 2:1Q: MWODA(, of YD(, to know (= peh"yod)
I am obeying the transcription Guidelines everyone can read in the website 
of b-hebrew.

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain)

> 2) The noun moledeth is not directly related to any inflection of the
> verb.  This
> noun is not used in the singular non-construct form and I think it is
> quite possible
> that the unmarked form is molɔdɔ or mulɔdɔ on comparison with the
> roots ysd / yr$.
> 3) The noun means relatives, descendants, family, in contrast to the
> Modern Hebrew
> noun that means birthplace.  It is conceivable that some translations
> may use the
> Modern Hebrew sense in place of the Biblical sense.
> Yitzhak Sapir
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