[b-hebrew] Prefix or root consonant?

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Sat Nov 3 08:30:20 EDT 2007

> Pere,
> Yes, N is part of the root, but not the N that you see in the word. The 
> root
> letter is assimilated by the G in this case, represented only by the 
> dagesh.
> The N that is seen is the marker for the first-person plural, here maybe a
> cohortative ("Let us surely tell...."). The "tense" is imperfect and the
> binyan hif'il (הפעיל).
> However, it is not like WN$YM, if the root of this word is $MM. The root 
> of
> NfG.iYD is NGD.


Yes, I agree.
Sometimes it is not easy to discern whether a given letter is a root letter 
or not. For instance in YO$:B"Y (Jos 15:63) the first Y is clearly the Y or 
the stem Y$B.
But in YWODIY(A (Isa 38:19) there is the doubt: the first Y is that of the 
root YD)? And the right answer seems to be "No", but YWO, as a whole, plays 
a part of a prefix, makes a prefix...


> Regards,
> Jason Hare
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> Rishon LeZion
> Israel
> On 11/3/07, pporta at oham.net <pporta at oham.net> wrote:
>> I am considering the word NFG.IYD (Jer 36:16) and I'm trying to discern
>> whether the nun is the first root consonant (stem NGD) or it is a prefix
>> that means 1st person plural (and then has nothing to do with the nun
>> first
>> root consonant).
>> I rather think it is a prefix and has nothing to do with the N of the 
>> stem
>> NGD.
>> My thought is so because I remark that in the word WN$YM (Nm 21:30), 
>> which
>> is a parallel to NFG.IYD both as regards pattern and verbal features, the
>> N
>> clearly is prefix, not root consonant (it comes from $MM).
>> This is not a trivial question: depending on which the right answer is,
>> this
>> word will be placed here or there in the Hebrew Schemary I'm working to
>> build up (www.oham.net)
>> What do you think?
>> Thanks!
>> Pere Porta
>> Barcelona (Spain)
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