[b-hebrew] Language, migration and Jewish identity

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b: well, there it is.  genetic confirmation for at least half the passage.
lately when i fail to sleep late at night I find myself reading melakhim bet
in the original, especially the crucial portions on the hizkiyahu and
yehoshiyahu periods.  fascinating and often overlooked how tight the
relationships between the prophets and royal court were through ties of
marriage. u

On 11/1/07, Bryant J. Williams III <bjwvmw at com-pair.net> wrote:
>  Dear Uzi,
> Thank you for the clarification, but a further comment.
> [Uzi]
>  2)interestingly new genetic research indicates that many present day
> levantine (palestinian/syrian) arabs have northern kingdom israelite origins
> on their Y chromosome while their mitochondrial DNA (passed down by mothers
> to both males and females) shows Assyrian influence.
> this may be a clue that the assyrian policy of population assimilation of
> new areas conquered was undertaken by importing assyrian women into a
> conquered area, where they would mix with local men.
> [Bryant]
> The Assyrians did just that according to II Kings 17:24, but sent both men
> and women to repopulate the area. This group of people mixed with the
> remaining population to become the mixed Samaritans. This would be normal
> Assyrian policy to prevent rebellion in the just conquered land.
> Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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