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Such politeness is always welcome. :)

Jason Hare
English Teacher
Rishon LeZion

On 11/1/07, belaga at math.u-strasbg.fr <belaga at math.u-strasbg.fr> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I am a newcomer to your forum, in fact, to any forum on the Net. It
> was probably a mistake on my part to start my participation with an
> installement on the very interesting for me (before intevening, I read
> everything you have written on this subject at the Forum), but also
> very controversial topic of "Academic debate", -- the installement
> followed by a gentle rebuke of one of the moderators.
> As Yitzhak Sapir has written recently in "Academic debate",
> > I think, especially in light of the ensuing discussion, that perhaps
> >  we should be aware of different theological backgrounds.
> In my case, it is even more complicated: I am coming from different
> scientific backgrounds, being probably the only one "hard" scientist
> on this forum: educated as mathematician and working in theoretical
> Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Physics, and Molecular
> Biology.
> Thus, it is probably reasonable to state my main interest in joining
> your group. (It does not mean that it is the only interest, since I
> have already made previously a few incursions into the study of the
> Hebrew Bible and the exegesis based on linguistic sciences.)
> I am proposing this year a doctoral dissertation at my University, the
> first linguistic topic ever proposed (and accepted) at our very
> mathematical Institute:
> Emergence and Evolution of Natural Languages:
> Mathematical and Computational Perspectives.
> In my vision of things, Semitic languages and especially Biblical
> Hebrew will play the central role in this study.
> If somebody of you would be interested, she or he could address me
> either through forum or directly.
> I sincerely hope that this modest personal announcement does not infringe
> on
> the rules of your communications and good behaviour at this forum.
> Best ragards,
> Edward G. Belaga
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