[b-hebrew] psalm 51 and King David's sin

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Yes, the law was in effect then, but it was not a law without exceptions.
Starting with the battle at Jerico, individuals who joined Israel, even from
the Canaanite peoples among whom were some Hittites, were
spared. The peoples were to be destroyed, and Israel was punished for not
following God's command in this. In the case of Uriah, the name indicates
that he was at least second generation, if not more.

Your argument doesn't wash.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 5/21/07, kenneth greifer <greifer at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Bill,
> The only proof I can find that the rules against the Hittites were still
> in
> effect in David's time are from King Solomon's time. 1 Kings 9:20-22 and 1
> Kings 11:1-2 say that they were supposed to destroy the Hittites and not
> marry them, that is why Solomon made them slaves and also why he got into
> trouble for marrying some of them.
> These rules were not mentioned in the story about King David's sin, but
> that
> does not mean they did not exist then.
> Kenneth Greifer
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