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Hey Anthony.  If I am reading HALOT correctly I think there are two possibilities.  The first is that it can be taken as a transitive verb.  HALOT on page 1564 says shamam transitive probably also in Dan 8:13; see further Dan 9:27b 12:11. (but on this see also polel)

Under the polel it reads: "it may be that a shortened form of the pt. is an explanation of the forms in Da 8:13 ;9:27;12:11) but it is also possible to explain them as qal transitive participle.
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> Could anyone comment on the verb "shomem" in Dan. 9:27? Strictly the 
> base form of the verb, shamem, is stative and we would expect to 
> transate "the desolated one" (passive) rather than desolator. But in 
> 12:11 we seem to have shomem in an active sense and also in 8:13. Can 
> anyone decide what is the best rendering of shomem in Dan 9:27b? 
> desolator, or the desolate (KVJ, ie desolated one). 
> At any event, shomem would have to refer to a person and not the 
> city, which is feminine? 
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