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 Having a shureq between the second and third root letters is the sign of a qal passive participle.  Off the top of my head I cannot think of any other verb pattern that shares this.  I am not so sure that I would hold too the qamets being under the first root as an indicator however because there are some feminine forms that do not have the qamets but still have the shureq between the second and third root intact such as Ezekiel 2:9.  But it does look like both your examples are indeed qal passives.

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> The type of word: 
> root consonant, qamats, root consonant, shoorek, root consonant ---------- 
> such as QFRW) (Est 5:12), SFGWR (1Ki 6:20)... is always and everywhere a 
> passive participle Qal, singular masculine? 
> Can it be something else? 
> Pere Porta 
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