[b-hebrew] psalm 51 and King David's sin

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Fri May 18 10:41:41 EDT 2007


I believe that King David was human and sinned like other people. I am not 
trying to prove that he was sinless. I just think that in this case he did 
not sin.

Uriah the Hittite's Hebrew religious sounding name would not mean he was a 
convert or from intermarriage because people use the names of the people 
they live around. When people move to America, they give their kids American 
names usually, and after a few generations, their descendants speak the 
language of America, have American names, and do everything like Americans. 
If Hittites lived among Israelites, then they would speak their language and 
use their names, etc.

Why would people thousands of years be different?

Kenneth Greifer

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