[b-hebrew] Ps 51:6

pporta at oham.net pporta at oham.net
Thu May 17 06:51:31 EDT 2007

Dear B-H listers,

I know that usually Ps 51:6 has been translated and understood as:
"I did what is evil to your eyes", ie I did a thing that you (God) consider 
as evil or bad.

But another possibility would be:
"I did a bad thing in front of you", ie "When I was doing the bad 
ing   -namely, adultery--  you were looking at me" (lit. 'at your eyes'), 
you saw what I was doing...

Are there any reasons, syntactical or other, that support the meaning or 
understanding in the first place?
And if there are some, what are these reasons?

Pere Porta 

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