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> Hi Doug,
> I'm afraid that you misunderstood. Of course many of the DDS, especially the 
> biblical scrolls, are in Hebrew. What I meant was, that the DJD series has 
> the various scrolls, in photos, line drawings, transcriptions and traslations, 
> according to type, cave, year of publication and so on. To find out if a 
> certain biblical passage exists in the scrolls, one has to go to the index in 
> vol. 39, and then to the relevant vol., and if it exists in more than one 
> scroll, they might be in different volumes. The whole series is large and 
> expensive, and certainly not something that the average person, even a scholar, would 
> have at home. 

Thanks Yigal,

You had me scratching my head for a moment there.

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