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Hi Doug,

I'm afraid that you misunderstood. Of course many of the DDS, especially the biblical scrolls, are in Hebrew. What I meant was, that the DJD series has the various scrolls, in photos, line drawings, transcriptions and traslations, according to type, cave, year of publication and so on. To find out if a certain biblical passage exists in the scrolls, one has to go to the index in vol. 39, and then to the relevant vol., and if it exists in more than one scroll, they might be in different volumes. The whole series is large and expensive, and certainly not something that the average person, even a scholar, would have at home. 

Abegg, Flint and Ulrich's "The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible", is a single-volume paperback collection of all of the biblical passages in the scrolls, set in order of the biblical books, with chapter and verse marked, and with the relevant DDS citation in the notes. So that all one has to do is to open up his copy at the relevant place, and the verse will either be there or not. Unfortunately, it only has the English translation of the texts, not the Hebrew. As far as I know, no one has yet done the same with the actual Hebrew text.

Yigal Levin 
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    But I don't know of a single volume compilation in 

  Howdy Yigal, 

  If none of the DSS are written in Hebrew, what then? 

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