[b-hebrew] Dead Sea Scroll version of Jeremiah

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 16:06:18 EDT 2007

In the Masoretic text, Jeremiah 6:23 and Jeremiah 50:42 mention a people 
that will come arrayed like a man for war. The Septuagint only has Jeremiah 
6:22-23, and it says "like a fire" (I think). I know that fire and man are 
similar in Hebrew esh and eesh.

I also read that there is a Dead Sea Scroll Hebrew version of Jeremiah. Does 
anyone know if it has Jeremiah 6:23 and 50:42, and if it says "man" or 
"fire" in one or both of these quotes? I heard that this version of Jeremiah 
is shorter than the Masoretic text and that it is more like the Septuagint 


Kenneth Greifer

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