[b-hebrew] Taw added to Verbs

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Fri May 11 01:21:44 EDT 2007

> What is the reason behind the text using this prefix? Why not just )MR ?
> What the significance in saying "And she said, the woman, ....." instead
> of just "And said the woman"?



every language is built on its own way, every human language has its own 
Hebrew uses prefix T- when referring either to
--you (male)
--she (female)

So, to show that "the woman will say" we have "TOMAR" (see Mal 1:4).
And to show that "you, a male, will say" we have the same: "TOMAR" (Gn 

This is quite simple, isn't it?

I think making this kind of comparisons between languages is something that 
rather casts a dark light on things.

Why in English we say "I sing" and "you sing" while in Spanish they say "yo 
canto" and "tu cantas"?  Why not "yo canto", "tu canto"...?

Pere Porta

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