[b-hebrew] Masoretes' Error in MT Psalm 8:5?

Jason Hare jaihare at gmail.com
Wed May 9 10:09:10 EDT 2007

In addition to what Yitzhak has already commented:

Your statement that "tiphqedenu (verse 5) is the only one of these
verbs that is not an emphatic piel verb" is false. The verb TZKRNW
תזכרנו ("you would/will him") is not piel either. It is qal. The
non-suffixed form is TZKWR תזכור ("you would/will remember"). The
hypothetical piel form of this word would be T.:ZAK.:REN.W.
תְּזַכְּרֶנּוּ (tezakrenu), since the piel imperfect would be formed
T.:ZAK."R תְּזַכֵּר (tezaker). As far as I know, this root does not
have a piel form.

So, we find a set of two 2nd-person-singular qal imperfects with
3rd-person-singular object suffices and a set of two
2nd-person-singular piel imperfects with 3rd-person-singular object
suffices. It's interesting, but it's definitely not a Massoretic


On 5/9/07, Philip <philipengmann at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Hebraists,
> There is something that I find a little curious in MT Psalm 8.
> MT Psalm 8:5 and Psalm 8:6 seems to form some sort of rhythm, or is similar sounding.
> There are four verbs involved here: tizkerenu, tiphqedenu (verse 5), and
>                                                   tehasrehu and teaterehu (verse 6).
> These four verbs seem to be similar in sound and in form with the exception that tiphqedenu (verse 5) is the only one of these verbs that is not an emphatic piel verb.
> Is it possible that this could have been an error?
> Could it be that tiphqedenu (verse 5) should have been a piel verb as well to match the other three verbs?
> I am using BHS based on L.
> (I am sorry I haven't checked the Aleppo Codex yet).
> What do you think?
> Best regards,
> Philip Engmann.

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