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Roots become sticky when we are dealing with weak radicals. Some forms of
the verb HLK make it seem like the root should be YLK, such as the hiphil
perfect: HWLYK /holich/ הוליך, which forms just like HWCY) /hotsi/ הוציא,
which has an initial yod. For the most part, remember HLK as the root of
this word, but remember that it can have forms that look like a peh-yod
verb. They are not separate roots. It is like the difference between YLD and
WLD. Obviously, the root is WLD, but most of the forms will be found with a
yod instead of a vav. We just have to remember that they are interchangeable
when we are dealing with root issues as they pertain to the forms found in
the language.


On 5/8/07, Brak <Brak at neo.rr.com> wrote:
> I have another "simple question".
> The dictionary I have treats the words HLK and YLK as there own root -
> both meaning to walk.
> Are they really separate - or are they the same. And if the same which
> is the root, HLK or YLK
> Thanks.
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