[b-hebrew] Geminate roots in vav-consecutive

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Hi James,

Jerry has given you a list of verses with geminate roots in the Piel 
stem.  At least I think they are Piel.  I didn't check them all.  I am 
sure none of them is Qal stem.

You will also find both twins appearing in the Hitpael stem like the 
fairly common word for praying, as in Gen 20:17 vayyitpallel, using the 
root PLL.  See also 1Ki 17:21 vayyitmoded, which is technically Hitpolel 
stem, I guess.

I couldn't find any in the Pual stem even though I guess that there are 
some.    ;-)

Like I said, the only wayyiqtol of a geminate root in Qal stem that has 
both twin letters appearing requires nun for a first root letter.  The 
only example I found is Gen 31:40, vattiddad, wherein the root is NDD.


James Spinti wrote:
> Perhaps I should be more specific. I am thinking of a root such as SBB.
> In the wayyiqtol form, be it qal or otherwise, would it ever be written
> with both Beths, i.e., wayyisbob? If so, can you give me a chapter and
> verse? I don't have Bibleworks, Accordance, etc., and am not even sure
> they would give me the answer.
> Thanks,
> James
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>> Hi James,
>> Do you mean in Qal stem?  In Qal stem both twins will only 
>> appear if the 
>> root has nun for its first letter.
>> In Piel, Pual, and Hitpael, both twins will frequently appear in the 
>> wayyiqtol forms.
>> Shalom,
>> Bryan
>> James Spinti wrote:
>>> All,
>>> Does anyone know of any occurrences of geminate roots in 
>> vav-consecutive
>>> written with both radicals?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> James

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