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Dear  Joseph,

>  "Here is  
> the young woman that is  pregnant". "Here is the pregnant young woman". No 
>  As  Kohan said in the classic, "The Wrath of Kohan", your translation 
> be  "far worse". What is your translation here  again?
> Actually "Behold" & "Look" have a  connotation of pysical presence  anyway, 
> don't they.  

HH: John Oswalt (The Book of Isaiah, NICOT,  p. 
211, n.25) cites H. Ginsberg, in "Immanuel (Ia. 
7:14),"  Encyclopedia Judaica VIII: 1294. Ginsberg 
argues that HRH must be "she  will conceive" (cf. 
Judges 13:3-5). Otherwise the following verb would  
have to be converted imperfect to convey futurity.

The HRH of 13:5 looks to me to be Perfect by
Context and is also matching the Form of other
such examples I am giving from BH so this one site
is not very good evidence to me by itself. However,
as Harold Ramis said in Stripes, "I am willing to learn."
Can you expand the point with specifics from 13:5?

HH:  You have not explained how my tranlsation 
would be "far worse." My  translation could be the 
one Oswalt uses in his  commentary:

Therefore, the Sovereign, he will give you a sign.  
Behold, a maiden shall conceive and bear a son, 
and she will call his  name Immanuel."

Is your Translation a moving target?
Joseph Wallack

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