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Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Sat Jul 28 22:09:29 EDT 2007


 From the animated discussion here it looks as though the root (LM is  
one of the touchiest of the Hebrew bible. Yet there is nothing beyond  
the ordinary about it. Like any other Hebrew root it is part of an  
ever expanding family of slowly mutating roots of slightly adjusted  
meanings and shades of sense.
The root (LM is a variant of the roots:
1. (LP, 'cover, hide, envelop', as in Genesis 38:14, VA-TKAS BA-CA(IP  
VA-TI-T-(ALAP, "and she covered herself with a vail, and hid herself  
under it". I think that (ULPEH of Ezekiel 31:15 is 'towered over'.  
'and all the trees of the field fainted for him' of KJV appears to me  
patently nonsense, and 'the land drooped on his account' of NAB is  
not much better. I see (LP of Isaiah 51:20, Amos 8:13, and Jonah 4:8,  
as 'overcome, overpower, befog'.
2. (LT, 'cover, hide, conceal, blanket', from which (ALATAH,  
'darkness', is formed. Another word for (ALATAH is )APELAH from the  
root )PL, related to the roots (PL and NPL. From (PL Hebrew generates  
the word (OPEL, 'tower'.
3. (LL, 'mount, ascend, linger', from which (ALILAH', 'long story,  
mounting and thickening plot', is formed.
The equivalence of (LM = AL-AM, (LT = AL-AT, (LP = AL-AT and (LL = AL- 
AL, proves the equivalence of of the Hebrew existence markers, or  
fundamental concepts, AL-LA, AM-MA, AP-PA and AT-TA.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

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