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> >
> > "14. Therefore, the  Lord, of His   own, shall give you a sign; behold, 
> > young woman is with   child,  and she shall bear a son, and she shall call
> his  name
> >  Immanuel."
> >
> > " הָרָה " = "is  pregnant"
> >
> > This is the perfect tense.
This  is not the perfect tense.

First, because it is modern Israeli Hebrew,  and not Biblical Hebrew
that has the tenses.

Secondly, the  perfective form is HRTH הרתה.
> JW:
> First, do you agree  that BH has perfect and imperfect distinction?
Irrelevant, as this  is not either.
> >  but for your benefit  and  Karl's
> > if we go by examples in the Hebrew Bible, this  construction is usually 
> > perfect.
> >
See  above.

When you are ready to give me a clear answer on whether you think BH  has
Perfect/Imperfect distinction HNNY.

>  .....
> Joseph Wallack
I have to admire your  tenacity, but it needs to be based on accuracy.

Karl W.  Randolph.

So far it's been about as hard as teaching a dog how to bark.
Joseph Wallack

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