[b-hebrew] Befuddled by NGD

pporta at oham.net pporta at oham.net
Wed Jul 25 01:54:05 EDT 2007

>I have a question.
> Sometimes NGD is translated as "against" or "opposite" or "in front", to
> which I can see the relationship between.
> But other times it's translated as "tell" or "declare".
> I don't see the common link between the idea of "opposite" and "telling".
> Can someone please help me understand the relationship between these 
> ideas.


As a preposition, NGD means "against", "opposite", "in front of"...
But as a verb, NGD means "to be conspicuous". Then the Hiph'il form of verb 
NGD, which in its basic form is HGYD (look at Mi 6:8), means "to cause to be 
conspicuous" ie "to declare", "to explain", "to tell".


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