[b-hebrew] Definite Article 7:14 - HRH

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 24 13:31:55 EDT 2007

Dear Joseph,

>  "Here is  
> the young woman that is pregnant". "Here is the pregnant young woman". No good? 
>  As Kohan said in the classic, "The Wrath of Kohan", your translation would 
> be  "far worse". What is your translation here again?
> Actually "Behold" & "Look" have a connotation of pysical presence  anyway, 
> don't they. 

HH: John Oswalt (The Book of Isaiah, NICOT, p. 
211, n.25) cites H. Ginsberg, in "Immanuel (Ia. 
7:14)," Encyclopedia Judaica VIII: 1294. Ginsberg 
argues that HRH must be "she will conceive" (cf. 
Judges 13:3-5). Otherwise the following verb would 
have to be converted imperfect to convey futurity.

HH: You have not explained how my tranlsation 
would be "far worse." My translation could be the 
one Oswalt uses in his commentary:

Therefore, the Sovereign, he will give you a sign. 
Behold, a maiden shall conceive and bear a son, 
and she will call his name Immanuel."

Harold Holmyard

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