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1. I agree  with Harold that HINEH does not require physical  presence.

I agree too.

2. The  Hebrew "definite article" does not require the defined to be 
mentioned earlier  in the discourse if he is known otherwise.  

Agreed. The DA can create reasonable grounds all by itself. It's what it  

3. Virgin  is a theological code word that has no correspondence in the 
Hebrew bible, and  hence the discussion (ALMAH/virgin is vain. 

I have purposely avoided ThAlmah and BetaLouise here as it just distracts  
from the Definite Article issue.
4. Things would look and sound  much better if you replace "definite article" 
by "non-arbitrary  article".
Your point is that arbitrary/random is the more common usage and therefore  
should be the standard for definitions?
5. The fact that the prophet  said HA-(ALMAH [like saying HA-MALKAH] implies 
that he was referring to a known  person. The rest is theology.
While I agree and am interested in your opinion I'm not  that interested in 
unsupported assertions and I have Faith that those on the  other side here are 
even less interested in unsupported assertions. On the other  hand, I have to 
confess that until relatively recently, translation issues with  polemical 
context like this one, have traditionally been determined by how many  hold a 
certain position and how loudly they do so, as opposed to solely  intellectual 
Joseph Wallack


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