[b-hebrew] Tiny tablet provides proof for Old Testament

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Tue Jul 17 00:30:44 EDT 2007


The thing I noticed about all the titles is that none of them has a
definite article. As a result, I read RB SRYS as one among possibly a
few RB SRYS, each in charge of his own group of SRYSYM.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 7/14/07, Robert Newman <rob at designceramics.co.uk> wrote:
> Thanks Shoshanna,
> The possible reference to this person is at Jeremiah 39:3.
> I notice some translations have the name as 'Sar-sekim' with the previous names as 'Nergal-sar-ezer' and 'Samgar-nebu', others have it that Nergal-sar-ezer is of Samgar and that the next name is Nebu-sar-sekim (apparently the name on the tablet).
> Furthermore, some indicate that Sar-sekim/Nebu-sar-sekim is the Rab-saris (the high official) others that the Rab-saris is another person just refered to by his title.
> Reading on, if there is just one Rab-saris, does verse 13 indicate his name was Nebu-shaz-ban? Or was 'Rab-saris' shared as a descriptive title? Or are Nebu-shaz-ban and Rab-saris in vs 13 different persons?
> How much of this can we resolve?
> I'd be very much interested in what thoughts and insights list members might have.
> Warm Regards
> Robert Newman

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