[b-hebrew] Definite Article 7:14

dwashbur at nyx.net dwashbur at nyx.net
Mon Jul 16 13:30:25 EDT 2007

That wasn't what I understood Karl to be saying, but I'm not going to continue this any more 
since this topic is clearly going nowhere.

On 16 Jul 2007 at 13:25, Tory Thorpe wrote:

> On Jul 16, 2007, at 1:10 PM, dwashbur at nyx.net wrote:
> > You haven't demonstrated that anything is "because of christian  
> > dogma."  That's an
> > assumption on your part, and an erroneous one at that.
> Karl's claim (and correct me if wrong Karl) is that almah meant one  
> thing in the Hebrew speech community until the advent of  
> christianity, and then the meaning was changed by non-christian Jews.  
> And I believe you to be correct, that assumption on Karl's part is  
> erroneous. But the claim is also offensive.
> Tory Thorpe

Dave Washburn
But I can't say Sylvester, George!

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