[b-hebrew] Tiny tablet provides proof for Old Testament

Robert Newman rob at designceramics.co.uk
Sun Jul 15 08:12:15 EDT 2007

Hello Yigal,
This seems like a reasonable conclusion. To know that the Babylonians used the name Nebo-sarsekim may suggest that we do have that name in this verse, especially if Samgar-Nebo has not been found anywhere, and if we confirm that the title Rab-Saris corresponds to the title on the tablet that would be quite strong evidence that the same person is refered to.

If we follow this pattern of a persons name being followed with their title we find in verse 13 that Nebu-shazban is also called Rab-saris. I notice some translations have for Rab-saris "the chief eunuch". This title sounds exclusive, belonging to one person (see also 2 Kings 18:17). Would it be better to have '(a) Rab-saris' in verse 3 and vs 13? Or would it be better to consider that the Rab-saris is not named in verse 13 and that Nebu-shazban's title is not given? Or is Nebu-shazban another name for Nebo-sarsekim?

Just some thoughts,
and thanks for your comment

Robert Newman

Since this tablet came to light, posters on this and other lists have 
commented that at very least, it gives us the proper reading of the list of 
names in the verse:

Nergal-Sharezer (the) Samgar, Nebo-Sarsechim (the) Rab-Saris, Nergalsharezer 
(the) Rab-mag.

The words "Samgar", "Rab-Saris" and "Rab-mag" are probably titles, hence the 


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