[b-hebrew] Object of "lamo" in Isaiah 53

Harold Holmyard hholmyard3 at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 10 22:41:51 EDT 2007

Dear Karl,
> I used to think that the -MW suffix always referred to the third
> person indefinite number, but when I was recently analyzing Job 40:4,
> I came to the realization that the subject of the -MW suffix was Job
> himself, in the first person. Now I'll have to go back and see if this
> is the only usage that is not third person, or if there are others as
> well. This is a new assignment for me.

Job 40:4 is a bit different because the -MW suffix has no pronominal 
value. LMW is functioning as a poetic alternative for the preposition L. 
It is a frequent usage, appearing 55 times according to BDB.

Harold Holmyard

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