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Bill Rea bsr15 at cantsl.it.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Jul 10 18:27:42 EDT 2007

Karl wrote:-

>Post-modern science is regressing to pre-modern science, which is
>based on theory as taking precedence over observation. In
>pre-post-modern science, sitting around and making thought
>experiments, often including mathematical models, is considered more
>authoritative than physical experiments.

All this shows is that you are completely out of touch. Science is moving
into what some people are calling ``the data era''. We are being deluged
with data from all manner of observational apparatus. Data flow rates are
often multi-gigabytes per day from single instruments. The cutting edge of
science is in data analysis from the observational and experimental data
being collected today. Perhaps you are confusing sciences in general with
Hebrew language study where the basic data pool (i.e. the collection of
texts) has grown usually only by the addition of variant readings and only
occasionally by an new inscription. Under these circumstances multiple
competing theories could well be expected to play a great role than in
areas where data is plentiful and increasing amounts are becoming
available on a daily basis.

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