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Tue Jul 10 13:53:17 EDT 2007

Dear Joseph,
>  Interestingly, the  
> NASB translators  decided on "young woman" for 7:14 but were vetoed by the  
> American  Bishops who retained "virgin". This is why I don't find authority 
>  authoritative here.

I doubt it was the NASB translators, because they are  Protestant:


The  translators come from Presbyterian, Methodist, American Baptist, 
Disciples,  Southern Baptist, Nazarene, General Association of Regular 
Baptist,  Congregational, Independent Baptist, Free Methodist, and still 
other  denominations. Some have international reputations.

HH: I don't think  they would be controlled by American bishops, by which 
you presumably mean  Catholic ones.  Perhaps you mean NAB. If you want to 
read about the  NASB translators, you can see a list of them above or  here:


Harold  Holmyard
The correction has been made by the corrector, the honorable Harold  
Holmyard. In the late Raymond Brown, the Catholic Priest's, classic, The Birth  of the 
Messiah, on Page 146 the eminent scholar has the note:
"37 The RSV was burned by fundamentalists in some parts of the United  States 
because it used "young woman" rather than "virgin" in Isa 7:14-a sign to  the 
book burners that the translators were denying the virginal conception of  
Jesus! The reading "virgin" was imposed by a decision of the American bishops on 
 the reluctant Catholic translators of the NAB."
I have Faith that no one here thinks the error intentional on my part  just 
to publicize the above as prophecy, of course, is impossible for  me.
Joseph Wallack


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