[b-hebrew] virgin vs young woman

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 10 10:56:47 EDT 2007

A lot of people say that betula does not mean virgin because in some quotes 
it says a virgin that did not know a man, so "that did not know a man" shows 
that the word means virgin in that quote.

I have read that in the Tanakh there are many examples of unnecessary 
repetition. For example, Leviticus 11:41 and 43 say not to eat "swarming 
things that swarm". It could have just said not to eat swarming things. Why 
say "that swarm"?

Genesis 25:8 and 17 say Abraham expired and died. Aren't they both the same?

Job 42:17 says he was old and full of days. Isn't that unnecessary 
repetition also?

Maybe repetition of ideas is just normal in the Tanakh.

Kenneth Greifer

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