[b-hebrew] Object of "lamo" in Isaiah 53

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 9 22:50:28 EDT 2007

> [Karl]:
> This is where the understanding of the -MW suffix comes into play: 1)
> does it always refer to the plural and 2) does it always refer to the
> third person? The answer to both is "No". Just because it is appended
> onto the L- prefix does not change its uses. And as I stated before,
> one of its purposes is to refer back to the subject of the sentence
> and/or context.

[Steve Miller] Karl, This is a good argument if the facts back you up.
Please give me some other Hebrew words with the -MW suffix, so I can see if
your #1) and #2) points above hold. 

It would be a waste for me to answer your other points, because if this
point of yours is true, then the other points don't matter. 

-Steve Miller

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